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Naga Chaitanya, Sunil’s- Vettai remake launched

Naga Chaitanya, Sunil’s Vettai remake launched

Time:10:48 am Date: Jun 14, 2012
Naga Chaitanya, Sunil’s Vettai remake launched
Naga Chaitanya and Sunil are set to play brothers in their forthcoming film, the remake of Tamil film Vettai. The film’s launch has taken place today at 7am in Ramanaidu Studios.
Akkineni Nageswara Rao , who attended the event clapped the board for the muhurat shot. Bellamkonda Suresh has bagged the remake rights of Vettai and he is producing it on Sri Sai Ganesh Productions banner while Dolly of Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kastam movie fame is wielding the megaphone. Hansika is roped in as one of the leading ladies while the other heroine is yet to be finalized.
The original version had Madhavan and Arya as heroes, and Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul as the heroines.

Vettai -Telugu remake - Bhale Thammudu

Naga Chaithanya's And Sunil Multi Starrer Movie 'Bhale Thammudu' Confirmed
Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya has teamed up with Comedy Hero Sunil for a new film which will be a remake of the Tamil hit ‘Vettai’. Bellamkonda Suresh is producing this movie and Dolly is the director. The movie ‘Vettai’ was originally slated for a release in Andhra Pradesh as a dubbed film with the title ‘Bhale Thammudu’, but Bellamkonda Suresh has now roped in these two heroes for this project.
Sunil will be seen as a very introverted cop while Naga Chaitanya will be seen as his aggressive younger brother. Two leading heroines have been approached to play the lead roles opposite these two heroes and an official announcement is expected soon. The movie will begin shooting from the 26th of June. This sure is one interesting project that is about to unfold folks.

Oneindia - Vettai review

Vettai - Movie Review

Saturday, January 14, 2012, 20:37 [IST]

N Lingusamy has adapted a tried and test formula for his latest movie Vettai. The director, in his usual way, has blended all the elements that make a movie entertaining. In fact, he takes to the era of 80s-90s film, where good having the last laugh against the evil. The filmmaker has also ensured to bring out the best from his actors – Aarya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul.

We have seen many movies before, which shows an elder sibling bailing out his younger one from troubles but in Vettai, it is vice-versa. The introduction to the characters begin with the early days of Tirumurthi (Madhavan) and Gurumurthi (Aarya), where the former gets beaten-up by his acquaintance while flying a kite. In return, Tirumurthi, who leaves the place crying, makes his junior to seek revenge.

Having given enough hints about the nature of the siblings, the story then moves forward when Tirumurthi, by chance or may be by force, turns a cop. Lacking courage and strength, he manages to face the hurdles with the help of his brother. Being a kind of body double to his elder sibling, Guru successfully makes baddies Annachi (Ashutosh Rana) trembling in fear.

At this juncture, Tirumurthi ties the knot with Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and Gurumurthi falls in love with Jayanthi (Amala Paul). However, the villain discovers the truth and the situation changes drastically. The remaining part should be seen on-screen.

The story drives you on a familiar territory and one cannot expect too many surprises in the tale. But Lingusamy, who has mastered in this genre, does not allow the audience to lose their attention rather he makes them to watch the close-to-three hour film without getting bored. The film has each and every ingredient, which audience love to see on-screen. Good story, fights, comedies and songs that make the movie an interesting affair.

Aarya and Madhavan steal the complete show with their excellent performances. Here, we should praise Maddy for putting on some kilos and developing a paunch for his role of a laid-back cop. In fact, he amazingly brings the life to his role and make the viewers that his role is dozy in front of Aarya's character, which shines almost in every scene. Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul are good and they have justified their roles. However, Ashutosh Rana, despite getting enough scenes, fails to create fearsome atmosphere in the role of a villain. Rest others are okay.

Technically, Nirav Shah's cinematography is good, Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is okay and Silva's action stunts are commendable. Lingusamy has complete control over the subject and from his writing team, especially from the dialogue writer Brinda Sarathy, he has taken out best.

On the flip side, Lingusamy has committed a mistake by changing the attitude of Madhavan's character in the second half. It looks logic-less and not convincible for many. Putting aside this, there are quite a few minor errors, which go unnoticed.

Verdict: While Nanban has the elements to attract the urbanites and the youths, Vettai is a material, which will be liked by family and mass audience. It is a paisa-vasool movie, go for it.

Cast: Madhavan, Aarya, Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul, Ashutosh Rana and others
Director: N Lingusamy
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Producers: N Subash Chandra Bose and Ronnie Screwvala
Released on: January 14
Posted by: - Vettai is no classic, but it is good fun

Vettai is no classic, but it is good fun

Lingusamy is one director who has the commercial formula down pat. And his latest, UTV's Vettai, is certainly among the most appealing mainstream fare he has produced so far.

Guru cajoles his brother into accepting a police post after their father's death and Thirumurthy, after much pleading, accepts the post along with the transfer originally assigned to his father.
The story is simple. Two brothers, Thirumurthy (played by R Madhavan and Guru (played by Arya) are thick as thieves. Only, Thirumurthy is pretty much a wimp and needs his younger brother to fight all his battles, from quarrelling during a kite-flying expedition during childhood right up to adulthood.
And this is where the problem starts. Thirumurthy, who quakes with fear even if someone sneezes, find himself caught in the toils of the local bigwig (introducing Ashutosh Rana) , who, of course, controls the area with his violent ways. Thirumurthy gets tangled up right away, and from then on, the story is a classic mixture of comedy and action, clearly taking plenty of leaves out of the K Bhagyaraj movie, Avasara Police 100.
Wimpy cop and courageous brother both run riot, leaving you in fits of laughter and touching you with great sibling sentiment. In the midst of all this are firebrand Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy)  and her sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul), who have no great role to play except pretty up the proceedings.
The first half, peppered with dialogues and humour, moves at a fantastic speed, making you wait on tenterhooks for the rest. The second half has its moments but is considerably slower. Mindless masala takes over soon, leading to the completely predictable bash-fest.
Madhavan and Arya have a ball playing brothers. The two are perfectly in sync, playing off against each other. You have to give Madhavan credit for taking up the role of a wimpy policeman who shakes in his shoes, even as he lets Arya play the hero, walking, talking and even fighting in style. The two hit it off perfectly; the only reason you can stomach some silliness in the screenplay is because of their comic timing.
Sameera Reddy is dashing, as always. Unfortunately, just when you think she is going to have something to do, her role dwindles into nothing. Amala Paul struts, pouts and hams to the hilt. Her role is shorter; so are her outfits.
Ashutosh Rana looks far more dignified than a rowdy should, and is as clueless as they come, letting both himself and his henchmen get beaten up.
Brinda Sarathy's dialogues strike the mark when it comes to comedy and make you squirm a bit when it comes to verbal punches.
Nirav Shah's camera work has little to do in an action entertainer like this. The look of the film is clean, neat, and focuses completely on the actors. Anthony's editing works, except for the last half hour, which could have done with some trimming.
Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs, sadly, do not hit the bull's-eye here, despite his past track record with the director.
Lingusamy's strength lies in packaging actors who play to their strengths, and mixing comedy and action into commercial fare. Logic obviously goes for a toss many times, but there is plenty of entertainment.
This diary of a wimpy policeman may not be a classic, but is fun nevertheless.
Pavithra Srinivasan

indiaglitz - Vettai - A Hunt With Hints

Vettai - A Hunt With Hints

IndiaGlitz  [Saturday, January 14, 2012]
After 'Run' almost ten years ago, director Lingusamy and Madhavan come together in a bid to repeat the magic, this time with added strength. They have young and bubbly Arya to their company.
A sibling story, 'Vettai' promises plenty of action and emotion. Lingusamy has ensured that his typical commercial elements find a place in 'Vettai' that proceeds in quick pace with enough twists and turns.
Firstly, the story is as old as the hill. Something we have seen since MGR days. But Lingusamy has given a fresh coat to it. There are host of characters and events unfold without a pause.
Gurumurthy (Madhavan) and Thirumurthy (Arya) are brothers who are contrast to each other. The former is shy and timid while the latter is bold and takes things by its horns.
Their father is a police officer. After his demise, a reluctant Guru is forced to take up the job. Thiru assures him all help. He even goes to the extent of working undercover and helps his brother emerge successful in fighting goons.
There is Vasanthi (Sameera), a talkative village belly who marries Guru. Her sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul) falls for Thiru and his mannerisms.
Meanwhile there is one Annachi (Asutosh Rana), an embodiment of evil in the town. He takes cudgels against Guru. Now Thiru steps in to set things right. At one point, coward Guru is prepared to face all challenges. How the two brothers join hands to eliminate Annachi forms the rest.
Madhavan is at his best playing a timid youth. He seems to share a good rapport working with Lingusamy and it is evident on screen. Arya is appealing. His vibrant energy adds strength to his character. At places, his character seems to resemble the one that he did in 'Boss Engira Baskaran'.
Amala Paul and Sameera Reddy share equal screen space.  Three cheers to Nirav Shah. The man behind the lens has done a commendable job. He has captured the village with all its beauty. The soft lens speaks poetry. Equally impressive are the stunt sequences captured by his camera. Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs are just adequate.
Produced by Thirupathi Brothers and released by UTV Motion Pictures, 'Vettai' is a cliched path traveled by Lingusamy. But the right packaging of commercial elements with apt star cast makes it count.
If you are ready to forget all logic and want to enjoy a masala movie this festive season, head on to 'Vettai'. -'Vettai' user review: Mass entertainer

'Vettai' user review: Mass entertainer

IndiaGlitz [Saturday, January 14, 2012]

'Vettai' is produced by UTV along with Thirupathi brothers (Lingusamy and his brothers) and directed by Lingusamy who has given some racy action films in the past (Run, Sandakozhi, Bheema, Paiya). If 'Paiya' set a trend in Tamil films for intense stunts and action sequences, 'Vettai' is an extension and lives up to the hype to a large extent because of the slick packaging and presentation. To add to it, here we have two heroes - one who is a cop and another who is a rowdy.
The movie starts of showing the childhood of brothers Thirumoorthy and Gurumoorthy (Madhavan and Arya respectively). Thiru is very innocent and afraid of everything where as Guru is plain opposite - he supports his brother and bashes up anyone who beats him. Their father (a police inspector) who brings them up passes away just before a transfer to Thoothukudi district and the job falls in the hands of Thirumoorthy. The brothers shift base to Thoothukudi which leads to encounters with the Villain (Ashutosh Rana) and his gang. They decide to clean up the system - while Guru bashes all goondas in his brothers identity, Thiru takes the entire credit and survives as a police sub-inspector.
Meanwhile they also meet the heroines Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and Jayanthi (Amala Paul) who are sisters. A marriage proposal comes for Thiru from Vasanthi's house and they get married and simultaneously love blossoms between Guru and Jayanthi as well. Further turn of incidents result in Thiru getting bashed up by the goondas after they realize the mistaken identity. How Guru motivates Thiru to become a brave police and together they destroy the gang forms the rest of the film.
The rocking chemistry between Arya and Madhavan is one of the strengths of the film. They look charismatic and set the screen on fire in all departments be it action, comedy, romance.  Madhavan looks little plump but it goes well with the character. Arya has a similar "vetti payan" character which he did in several films earlier. However, he excels in the action sequences and keeps the audience engaged with witty one-liners. He also has extended romantic scenes with Amala Paul.  Both Sameera and Amala have been given some significance in the screenplay and they make good use of it. While Sameera has more of the dialogues, Amala Paul adds glamour to the proceedings. Ashutosh Rana does the villain role with ease and other supporting actors like Thambi Ramaiah, Nasar have done their part well.
Nirav Shah's cinematography is vibrant and captures the action sequences superbly. Yuvan's background score is racy and energizes the film. The director gives a rocking intro to both Madhavan and Arya with the "Dhum Dhum" song and an even more interesting number "Thaiya Thakka" for the sister's introduction which is choreographed superbly. "Paparappa" song is peppy. The songs are shot in typical Lingusamy style (Thanjavur streets, girls wearing "Dhavani" walking around et al) and hence look very similar to some of his earlier films like "Run" and "Sandakozhi".
When you make a film only for the masses it's very hard to get away from illogical sequences. "Vettai" too has its share of scenes like the train sequence just after the interval, Sameera not knowing what happened to her husband for 3 days, the scenes between the American Mapillai and Arya, etc. which could have been avoided or trimmed.
The story is wafer thin and can be similar to any twin brother stories basis mistaken identities. But, Lingusamy excels again with his taut screenplay, thrilling action sequences laced with comedy which can be enjoyed by all. The scene where the villain kidnaps Arya because of the mistaken identity is a typical example. The first half is crisp and races ahead while the second half drags a bit and could have been trimmed to make it even racier.
Overall, if you can forget logic and if you want to watch a typical commercial film with mass elements, then 'Vettai' will definitely exceed your expectations.

Sifymovies- review

Vettai - review
UTV Motion Pictures and Thirrupathi Brothers
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Arya, Madhavan, Sameera, Amala
By Moviebuzz
Lingusamy’s Vettai is a racy mass entertainer with all the ingredients mixed in the right proposition. No doubt that the director understands the pulse of the common man and has beautifully packaged it with all the essential commercial elements to suit the taste of the masses.
The multi starrer is targeted at audiences who want to have a great time without thinking too hard and the film weaves a spell on the viewer with some electrifying action scenes and comedy. The story is wafer-thin but it is the characterisation which guarantees maximum entertainment.
Gurumurthy (Madhavan) and Thirumurthy (Arya) are siblings who bond from childhood and care for each other. Their father is a police officer in Thuthukudi. The brothers are different as chalk and cheese in their approach, attitude and body language. Guru is yellow livered coward who always lives in fear, while Thiru is fearless and aggressive in nature.
In contrast, there are two sisters Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) - fiery and street smart and Jayanthi (Amala Paul) a bubbly girl who live with their granny. Guru marries Vasanthi and in the process, Thiru falls in love with Jayanthi.
Meanwhile, after the death of their father, Guru joins the police force on Thiru’s insistence. Guru the coward aided by his dare devil younger brother Thiru, soon locks horns with the mobsters Annachi (Ashutosh Rana), Suruli (Srijith Ravi) and Mari (Muthukumar). The brothers try to clean up the city of the scum’s of the earth, which leads to the climax.
The director was clear from the beginning that it is a fun ride. And he has provided Vettai as the perfect hunt for the festival audiences with stars, glam factor, action, humour and songs in the right mix. The commercial format has also been reworked to avoid heavy dose of sentiments or silly stereotypes in the story.
It’s difficult to pin point, which shines more in the film, as everybody was given a well-defined character that fitted their age and body languages. The rapier –sharp synergy between the lead actors brings to life the narrative. But there some very nice moments which stand out especially the scene in which Madhavan gets up from the wheelchair and jumps the fence to save his brother.
Hats off to Madhavan, for accepting the role of a coward with his unrivalled comic timing, as the audiences root for him. It is Sameera best ever role after Vaaranam Aayiram and she has done full justice to it. For a change her lip sync and Chinmayi’s dubbing brings out the fiery nature of the character.
Amala Paul is lovely to look at and her feisty performance proves that a star is born. The film is a showcase not so much for Arya’s acting, but for his scorching screen-presence, action hero image and humour. Ashutosh Rana is good.
On the downside, the American Maapillai scenes looks forced and thrust into the narrative. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is peppy and adds to the mood of the film. The opening song Tham, Tham.. and Kattipettai, Kattipettai… are hummable.
Count among other things Nirav Shah’s camerawork, especially his song picturisation and top angle shots which makes action and song sequences look vibrant. Anthony’s editing and Rajeevan’s art work makes the film technically sound.
On the whole, popcorn entertainers are best enjoyed when they aren't overanalyzed, and Vettai is no exception. It’s a delicious one-time watch for this Pongal season.
Verdict- Paisa Vasool