Saturday, 14 July 2012 -'Vettai' user review: Mass entertainer

'Vettai' user review: Mass entertainer

IndiaGlitz [Saturday, January 14, 2012]

'Vettai' is produced by UTV along with Thirupathi brothers (Lingusamy and his brothers) and directed by Lingusamy who has given some racy action films in the past (Run, Sandakozhi, Bheema, Paiya). If 'Paiya' set a trend in Tamil films for intense stunts and action sequences, 'Vettai' is an extension and lives up to the hype to a large extent because of the slick packaging and presentation. To add to it, here we have two heroes - one who is a cop and another who is a rowdy.
The movie starts of showing the childhood of brothers Thirumoorthy and Gurumoorthy (Madhavan and Arya respectively). Thiru is very innocent and afraid of everything where as Guru is plain opposite - he supports his brother and bashes up anyone who beats him. Their father (a police inspector) who brings them up passes away just before a transfer to Thoothukudi district and the job falls in the hands of Thirumoorthy. The brothers shift base to Thoothukudi which leads to encounters with the Villain (Ashutosh Rana) and his gang. They decide to clean up the system - while Guru bashes all goondas in his brothers identity, Thiru takes the entire credit and survives as a police sub-inspector.
Meanwhile they also meet the heroines Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and Jayanthi (Amala Paul) who are sisters. A marriage proposal comes for Thiru from Vasanthi's house and they get married and simultaneously love blossoms between Guru and Jayanthi as well. Further turn of incidents result in Thiru getting bashed up by the goondas after they realize the mistaken identity. How Guru motivates Thiru to become a brave police and together they destroy the gang forms the rest of the film.
The rocking chemistry between Arya and Madhavan is one of the strengths of the film. They look charismatic and set the screen on fire in all departments be it action, comedy, romance.  Madhavan looks little plump but it goes well with the character. Arya has a similar "vetti payan" character which he did in several films earlier. However, he excels in the action sequences and keeps the audience engaged with witty one-liners. He also has extended romantic scenes with Amala Paul.  Both Sameera and Amala have been given some significance in the screenplay and they make good use of it. While Sameera has more of the dialogues, Amala Paul adds glamour to the proceedings. Ashutosh Rana does the villain role with ease and other supporting actors like Thambi Ramaiah, Nasar have done their part well.
Nirav Shah's cinematography is vibrant and captures the action sequences superbly. Yuvan's background score is racy and energizes the film. The director gives a rocking intro to both Madhavan and Arya with the "Dhum Dhum" song and an even more interesting number "Thaiya Thakka" for the sister's introduction which is choreographed superbly. "Paparappa" song is peppy. The songs are shot in typical Lingusamy style (Thanjavur streets, girls wearing "Dhavani" walking around et al) and hence look very similar to some of his earlier films like "Run" and "Sandakozhi".
When you make a film only for the masses it's very hard to get away from illogical sequences. "Vettai" too has its share of scenes like the train sequence just after the interval, Sameera not knowing what happened to her husband for 3 days, the scenes between the American Mapillai and Arya, etc. which could have been avoided or trimmed.
The story is wafer thin and can be similar to any twin brother stories basis mistaken identities. But, Lingusamy excels again with his taut screenplay, thrilling action sequences laced with comedy which can be enjoyed by all. The scene where the villain kidnaps Arya because of the mistaken identity is a typical example. The first half is crisp and races ahead while the second half drags a bit and could have been trimmed to make it even racier.
Overall, if you can forget logic and if you want to watch a typical commercial film with mass elements, then 'Vettai' will definitely exceed your expectations.

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